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Medium Ski Socks by Fits


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The Medium Ski provides a fully cushioned foot and shin using the finest gauge merino wool available. This is a medium-weight over the calf sock perfect for filling empty space in packed-out boots, or for the skier looking for more warmth and cushioning within their boot. The perfect sock for a day of carving it up on the slopes or the backcountry. Details: Engineered using Full Contact Fit, Dynamic Toe Cup contours to the shape of your foot, Heel Lock provides heel security that limits the chances of a blister when combined with a properly fit boot and over the calf length falls just below the knee. Size guide: S (3.5-5.5 men's, 5-7 women's), M (6-8 men's, 7.5-9.5 women's), L (8.5-10 men's, 10-11.5 women's), XL (8.5-10 men's, 10-11.5 women's), 2XL (13-15.5 men's, 14.5-16.5 women's). Material: Merino Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Lycra.

Valentine's Day Deals @ ShoppingBlitz!
Use code VALENTINES for 20% off all orders!